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Unblurred First Friday in Garfield, March 2022 Edition

Unblurred: First Fridays on Penn is a monthly art and entertainment crawl organized by the Penn Avenue Arts Initiative and sponsored by The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation.Bringing you Arts on the Ave since 1998!
Each month, people from all over the region stroll Penn Avenue between the 4800 and 5500 blocks to meet with artists and local business owners. Visitors can expect to see everyone and everything. Families, singles, workers, students, long-time residents and first-time visitors alike can bask in Penn Avenue’s creative energy – experiencing a mix of photography, dance, painting, sculpture, music and spoken word performances.If you take any cool pics during your visit to Unblurred, please feel free to share them on your social media sites with the hashtags #proudtobepenn#unblurred#pennavenue412#openonpenn
We are back IRL! Come on down to Penn Ave and see some Art in Person!!!!
* indicates handicapped restrooms available

Black Cat Market*
5135 Penn Ave, 15224
Monthly featured artist debut plus cat room visits!
Free Entry, Cat Room visits are $2.50 per person

Bantha Tea Bar*
5002 Penn Ave, 15224
The Art of Nick Sardo: Originally hailing from Santa Monica, CA, Nick Sardo is a Pittsburgh-based painter and sculptor. Sardo’s work revolves around the deconstruction of both facial features and body, organizing a collection of modified elements into a singular entity. His work shows isolated figures created from clashes of fleshy, organic form and imagined objects.
Free, Open to walk-ins

Two Frays Brewery*
5113 Penn Ave, 15224
Come shop and see a sample of work by members of the Ujamaa Collective on our gallery wall. This non-profit was founded with the mission “”to act as a catalyst to advance Africana women by providing a fair trade marketplace for cultural, artistic and entrepreneurial exchange through cooperative economics.”” Located in the Hill District, Ujamaa features clothing, art, and household goods.
Open to walk-ins

BFG Cafe*
5335 Penn Ave, 15224
Greek Food, plus art works for sale by Susan Wagner
Open to walk-ins

Vault Art Studio*
5100 Penn Ave
This March 4, we’re resurrecting the Spring only at VaultArt Studio. Enjoy a freshly curated collection of verdant artwork. And cap off your visit with a spiriting sip of Heikeem Johnson’s “”Zombie Food Ninjas”” series, featuring Zombie Crystal Pepsi Ninja, Zombie Dunkaroo Ninja, and more long forgotten treats. There may still be a few more days of Winter, but it’s a new dawn here at VaultArt Studio.
VaultArt Studio is a project of Achieva, which advocates for, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives.
Open to walk-ins

KST’s Alloy Studios*
5530 Penn Ave, 15224
Freshworks is KST’s creative residency for Pittsburgh based artists and collaborators. The program provides artists with financial resources, studio space, production staff, lighting and sound design, professional development, and encouragement for creative risk taking. through interdisciplinary collaborations in contemporary dance, theater, music, and multimedia. Artists present a 30-minute work in progress showing followed by a Q & A with the audience. Doors open at 7:30, show begins at 8pm.
Open to walk-ins, Pay What Moves You: $10-25

The Irma Freeman Center
5006 Penn Ave, 15224
“Memories of Sunlight: Paintings by Vera England”: Many of Vera’s paintings are scenes from her travels — most recently in San Diego, the Gulf Coast, Italy, and Costa Rica. Lately she has been experimenting with Impressionist and Fauvist style landscapes, inspired by painters such as Monet, Van Gogh, and Matisse. Through her art, Vera hopes to give people moments to catch their breath and find peace in the midst of life’s busyness. Her work expresses her love of nature, and her delight in the beauty of diverse colors and textures.
Open to walk-ins, suggested donation of $5.

4923 Penn Ave, 15224
Dinner & drinks.
Open to walk-ins

BOOM Concepts
5139 Penn Ave, 15224