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Calm Pittsburgh

3495, Butler Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15201,

(412) 857-3717

The Calm Pittsburgh practice aims to provide to our clients what the name expresses: Calm. Owner/Director Dana Kirkpatrick founded Calm Pittsburgh™ in 2020 to offer high-level therapeutic sessions to those in search of assistance navigating life’s most complex challenges. From Dana: “I think of calm as harmony, balance and something that requires mindfulness to maintain. For many, calm can be a temporary state, but why not make it more frequent? In today’s world, we may feel overwhelmed and that we have less control than ever. When we attempt to exercise control in challenging situations, it is not always an easy thing to do emotionally. No matter what issues our clients face, I see our job at Calm Pittsburgh as being a part of a balanced self-care support system — to help develop and maintain the calm that can be present within each of us. Our skilled clinicians operate from an inclusive and client-centered perspective — meaning we help our clients discover, develop, and, ideally, achieve goals in whatever area(s) of life they are looking for assistance.” Let us be your allies as you take charge of your mental health and well-being. Our therapists employ a variety of eclectic, evidence-based techniques to help our clients navigate feelings, build better behaviors, and relate to thoughts differently. We embrace a collaborative approach to your care, and may build on, reference, and recommend experienced providers both inside and outside of Calm Pittsburgh™ in order to best serve your needs. Room to breathe. Find us in Lawrenceville and Monroeville. We offer therapy services in two locations with bright, comfortable, custom-designed offices.

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