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5122, Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15224,


mossArchitects is a Pittsburgh-based architectural firm founded by Andrew Moss with the goal of creating responsive, artful, expressive design solutions. mossArchitects specializes in creative and unique offices, restaurants, residential, retail, hotels, adaptive reuse, recreational, and cultural facilities with a commitment to client goals as well as a responsibility to sustainable practices. Their range of services include architecture, interiors, and urban design. mossArchitects is recognized as one of the premier collaborative design studios in Pittsburgh. Their work focuses upon creating intentional, thoughtful, artistic architectural design solutions for a wide variety of project types, uses, and clients. They strive to investigate, explore, and brainstorm solutions that exceed client expectations. They create aesthetic design solutions while meeting pragmatic needs and building codes through a well composed design. mossArchitects is located in Pittsburgh’s East End, four miles east of downtown in the heart Garfield. The office comprises a staff of sixeen architects, designers, and technicians.

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